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February 21, 2012, 7:52 pm
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He attempted to draw on my thigh, massive fail.


Who is Johnny Carracedo? A 20 year old boy who blogs and is overly obsessed with photography, family, and the idea of love.

When I first met him I had no idea who he was. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty dumb. I actually met him through his friend Nikko who’s a mixed raced rapper. But Johnny’s first impression was really off. He was wearing sunglasses the whole time indoors, I mean you can wear whatever you want I don’t care. ~Can’t judge a book by it’s cover.~ However, I thought he hated me for some reason. He kept avoiding eye contact and stuff. After coming to a realization that not everyone really gets my open minded personality, and when I say that I mean it. Literally. I WILL TELL YOU WHATEVER GOES RUNNING THROUGH MY MIND. (this includes random outbursts and such.) In this case, Johnny was not into it. I just remember we started talking about cameras and cinematography, then he began to talk, suddenly leading into asking to take pictures.

But, back to LACE-Y boy, after lurking his tumblr and portfolio site. I began to wonder, how can a boy be so consistent with his work of craft. SIMPLE… HE WAS JUST BORN WITH IT. RIGHT? No. I’m just assuming based off the way he acts that, staying humble and focus is the way to progress towards happiness. And when someone has a passion with that one concept they’re going to see how far they can run with it. He’s very original, and interesting once you get to actually know him.

twitter: @johnnylace

xox Micah


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