The Women’s Building
January 25, 2012, 3:54 am
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     In October of last year my Marketing class had to participate in supporting The Women’s Building for their yearly event. I could tell no one wanted to be apart of the whole thing because they had no idea what the organization was all about. This event particularly focuses on women who hand make most of their goods and sell them at the trade show. It was so amazing to see a lady hand bind an actual book, and seeing the finished product at the end. Although stuff wasn’t cheap, it was really entertaining to talk to the designers of their craftsmanship. The Women’s Building is located in the Mission District of San Francisco. And it has been standing since 1971. I feel like it’s one of the most relevant things in the Mission. Mostly because this place is more than just a beautiful building but it benefits those who are in need for help. I was talking to my volunteer advisor and she had told me their next upcoming project was to help Asian American families who suffer from food care and health this upcoming spring. The building not only funds people who are desperate need of help, but they also try to make life more uplifting for women who want to feel more confident. They offer yoga, arts & crafts, zumba classes and a bunch of more workshops.

But after working this event I was definitely inspired by Theresa the lovely Greek women in the hat. Stephanie and I got stationed to work the actually women’s building booth that was located right when you walked in. While our other classmates were stationed to help the designers with assisting. Our booth featured a bunch of hand made Guatemalan goods from people of South America. It was awesome! We def got a bunch of sweet goodies.
Theresa, Me, Steph, Ruth (our teacher)


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